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This guy Tranter must be a 'do-do' Another part

''Dewar of the Coigreach said something less fierce in gaelic this time.
Bruce replies ''Iam sorry friend,'' he said,when there was a pause. ''I do not know what you say.''

The other looked him up and down disapprovingly,then shrugged the bent tartan-draped shoulders,''you are Robert son of Mariot,daughter of Niall,son of Duncan,son of Gilbert, son of Fergus,son of Fergus?'' he demanded,and added,''Ard Righ,''almost grudgingly.

Bruce at least knew the last two words, which meant High King. He nodded. ''I-Iam he''

So according to Mr Tranter, Bruce couldn't speak gaelic and
it looks like Bruce didn't knight Wallace. This book must be a load of codswallop,like Braveheart is supposed to be.

Don't know whether to bother with the other two in the trilogy. I have them ordered from the library, so I'll see what happens. Thanks for putting me right.
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