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Hi Melodeon man
I just read your Son of a Scottish Miner last night.
It was only an hour after I had passed a place in Michigan called La Plaisanse.I told my wife there was a place in Kelty called the Pleasance, was down the Black Road near the TERRACE.for a while I could not mind the the first part although I got Greivesland in my mind for a while.After I got the computer warmed up and got rid of all the spam and settled down,there it was, Adams Terrace.
I was born and brought up in Oakfield
at the opposite end of kelty and went to school with a lot of people from The Terrace and played there often.
Your poetry is heart warming and nostalgic, you could have been writing of my childhood in the poem about your Kelty Childhood.
Thank you very much for the memories
Dick Gray
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