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Originally posted by elmsella
Oh its just fantastic to watch the Scots Women team win the Olympic Gold at Curling (representing Great Britain).

Especially when the whole team, including coaches are Scots, and the commentators for the BBC are Scots, leaving the English in the studio squirming at the non-participation of the English, calling the team "Brits".

Unfortunately, the team may have to put up with the english
national anthem at the medal ceremony.

So well done, Ladies at getting a gold for Scotland !!! I have never seen such a tense olympic final where it all stood on the last stone.

But when British teams are represented by English people (as they more frequently are) and they win people both sides of the border celebrate. They are always called 'Brits', and never English. And try reading any of the papers, they all specifically mention the fact that the team were Scots. And you can hardly complain that they mention the fact that 'Britain won gold' because that's who they were representing!
Oh, and it's not the 'English national anthem' because England doesn't have one unlike Scotland, Wales etc. It would be 'un-PC'. Instead they will play the British anthem, highly appropriate considering that's who they were representing.
In fact if someone isn't English it always gets a mention, such as:

"Craig Reedie, the Scot who is chairman of the British Olympic Association who presented the medals, said: “This is the very essence of Olympic sport. You get one chance to get the gold medal and you take it”."

from today's Times. Why mention the fact that he was Scottish?
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