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How sad that someone would "tag" someone else w/ such a derogatory remark. I think that if someone wants to learn about a different culture, it should be encouraged. The world is full of different cultures, and the more we learn about them, less racism there will be. We as humans will not want to destroy the cultures that we know about. (what we do not understand, we destroy)

I must be a "kilt hag" because I am American, who loves the scottish culture. However, to defend some "kilt hags", some of us are embracing the scottish culture because we are scottish (scottish decent). That is at least my reasons for it. I am mostly from scottish decent (w/ a little bit of irish and welsh)and I want to learn all I can about my ancestors culture, what they experienced, how they lived, what they wore, how they made a living, etc... Considering that I am American, I feel that being about 80% (if u can put a percentage on it) Scottish, is pretty impresive thing; since most Americans whose families have been here since the early to mid 1800's are mostly "hodge-pod" ancestry (means a mutt- from many different countries).

For someone to put a mean lable of "kilt hags", they must be pretty closed-minded. What if the Americans, did the same thing. Put a derogatoy lable on those who want to embrace our culture? Well, then America wouldn't be AMERICA now would it?

It makes me really sad to see such things in this world.
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