Buckhaven - A Delightful Town in Fife

Buckhaven is a delightful town located in the Wemyss Parish of Fife, Scotland. A lovely port town standing on the Firth of Forth, Buckhaven makes for a pleasant vacation destination. Although you may not wish to spend all your vacation time in this little town, it is a great stop-over when in the Fife region.

Originally, the burgh of Buckhaven in Fife was a bustling village where the people engaged in weaving, creating large numbers of woven goods. It was also an important fishing port. A report dating back to 1831 stated that Buckhaven was home to Scotland's second biggest fleet of fishing boats, numbering 198. Sadly, the fishing industry waned after the First World War struck. However, it was quickly replaced by mining during the 1860s. This new industry was able to provide needed employment for residents of the town. Pits were created at Lochhead, Earlseat, Wellesley and Wellsgreen. Unfortunately, it resulted in the harbor being silted up as well as the beaches being covered in black residue.

Today, Buckhaven is a coastal holiday destination. Buckhaven is ideally situated for pleasant walks to Largo Bay and the famous Wemyss Caves, a string of coastal caves. This meander is definitely not to be missed. Buckhaven Museum, on College Street, is always a fantastic attraction in the town. Here you can learn about the local fishing and coal mining industries over the years. A replica 1920's kitchen has been created and gives insight into the lives of people residing in Buckhaven at that time. The stained glass windows, intricately designed by local craftsmen will delight the eye. There are also temporary exhibitions which change from time to time. Souvenirs and publications relating to Buckhaven and Fife are available for purchase. Downstairs from the Buckhaven Museum is the Buckhaven Library. Easily accessible, this library houses a large selection of books regarding a variety of topics. Two computers offer visitors access to the Internet. If you have children, they would love to come here for story telling times and other organized activities.

Buckhaven Theatre, on Lawrence Street, has an interesting history. It is believed that an episcopal church was moved, stone-by-stone, from St. Andrews to Buckhaven in the year 1869. During the 1980s, the structure underwent restoration and today it is a theatre. The youth theatre group which operates from this building has become nationally acclaimed for their fine presentations.

Buckhaven might be relatively small, but it certainly isn't lacking when it comes to activities and attractions.


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lowell meyer - 2010-05-11 18:03:09

As a resident of Southern California I had the opportunity to teach at Buckhaven High School for a short time. It was a great experience as I had a chance to observe a Scotland school. I am finishing my 43 year of teaching back in SoCal and would like to return to Scotland. While in Scotland I stayed at 49 College street. Mr and Ms. Smith were my hosts and they were great people. I will always have fond memories of Buckhaven.

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Tom Dow - 2010-05-10 09:29:59

Hi there, I was really saddened to read your point of view regards Buckhaven, as all my family on my mothers side come from Buckhaven. As a young child, visiting my Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, I used to love it there. Going down to the sea and pick sea coal and take buckets of it back to gran and Grandad who lived at the top of the Braes at Viewforth, or we would fish for ages off the beach. I left Scotland to live in Australia in 1972, and have been back holidaying in Fife 3 or 4 times often making the trip back down memory lane visiting Buckhaven. What a shame if the place is now as you describe it. I am now nearly sixty years old and I am saddened to read what it has reportedly become.

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Confidential - 2010-03-06 07:41:53

Although this page makes Buckhaven sound really nice, it isn't. I live here, and there are thugs, junkies, etc. And I have never in my life heard someone call Buckhaven a coastal vaccation place. If you come to Scotland go to Edinburgh or Aberdeen. If you really want to come to Fife places like Anstruther, St. Moanans and St. Andrews ar ethe interesting places to visit. If you come to Buckhaven make a quick 2 hour stop over as you drive to St. Andrews or somewhere else. But do not spend a long time here

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