Impressive Lachlan Castle

Lachlan Castle has been with the Maclachlan clan, one of the oldest highland clans, since the Middle Ages and the clan seat for nine hundred years. Overlooking the eastern shores of Loch Fyne in western Scotland, the present Castle Lachlan was built in the 18th century. It stands just a mile away from the ruins of the original Castle Lachlan, about ten minutes from Strathlachlan.

The Old Castle on the eastern shore of Loch Fyne is near present day Newton, four miles from Inverary. The exact date of construction of the old castle is uncertain but it was perhaps around the 13th century. Its design was unique in Scotland, with the appearance of a large keep from the outside. Inside it comprises of two large tenements connected along the north side with an open court between them.

The castle had four stories plus cellars and battlements; it was protected by fortifications. A Great Hall on second floor was used as a council room and gathering hall on special occasions. Rain water was collected in a well for communal use.

The MacLachlans were forced to flee the castle as an aftermath of the Jacobite Rebellion. It was bombarded from the sea in 1746, after the Battle of Culloden, on the orders of Duke of Cumberland. Fortunately their allies with the government got the Maclachlans lands back and a new castle was built. Donald MacLachlan oversaw the construction of the new MacLachlan or Lachlan Castle and its grounds.

The New Castle began as a Queen Anne style house at the end of the eighteenth century but was transformed into a Scottish baronial edifice at the end of the nineteenth century. It stands on1500 acres with a livestock farm, hill ground woodlands and three miles of coastline. Its estate offers wonderful opportunities to observe wildlife such as red squirrels, roe, red deer and pine martins. Birds of prey, woodland and shore birds abound here. The coast has seals frolicking about and occasionally one can spot porpoises and dolphins. Today the Lachlan castle has been divided into two properties, with the southern Loch facing side available on rent.


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marion bowman - 2010-08-06 16:54:24

Please do take a look at the new website for Old Castle Lachlan - - and join the efforts to prevent further decay of the ruined structure.

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Susan Ricktson - 2010-06-20 21:49:22

I had the glorious privilege to visit Castle Lachlan in 2007. What an amazing sight to behold. I am from America and a decendent of the Clan MacLachlan. I had dreamed of visitng the castles for many years. It was very powerful to walk around inside the Old Castle and imagine life during "the day". The surrounding area is spectaular. Can't wait to visit again some day.

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Wendy Primrose - 2010-05-15 18:33:51

I am going to the old castle in September. My grandmother's name was Ethlyn Estelle Laughlin and our family tthat goes back to the 1200's sometime which connects us with the MacLachan clan so I'm related also. We can't wait to go over

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