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Take Some Time Out at Bettyhill

The village of Bettyhill is a magnificent stretch of land, located in the lost landscapes of Scotland. It is often referred to as an untouched part of Scotland and one of its best-kept secrets. More tourists are traveling to Bettyhill to experience the fresh clean air of the countryside and enjoy the natural beauty of the mysterious lochs and the majestic Naver River. Bettyhill is the perfect location for stories of legend and myth, and visitors will be enraptured by the heritage of this sleepy little village.

Bettyhill is quite near to Inverness, but has retained its quaint and charming atmosphere and its simple way of living. The village of Bettyhill boasts an intriguing history. The Strathnaver Valley runs through Bettyhill and runs south for approximately seventeen miles. Many crofters once inhabited this region, but their residences unfortunately fell on the Sutherland Estate. In 1807 the decision was made to start uprooting the crofters from the land to make space for grazing sheep. When the Strathnaver village of Rosal was evicting its residents in 1814, the Countess of Sutherland, Elizabeth, did something quite progressive for the time. She established a village to accommodate the stranded community of Rosal. The Countess chose a location on the River Naver, and named it Bettyhill, after herself.

Today the village is a lovely tourist attraction, with visitors coming to Bettyhill from far and wide to enjoy trout fishing in the lochs of the area, strolling along the breathtaking beaches and hills, and spending time at some of the fascinating historical sites. The Strathnaver Museum, Bettyhill Hotel and Torrisdale Bay are noteworthy attractions in Bettyhill, and the deserted fishing port, Navermouth, is also worth the trip. The museum building, which once functioned as the Farr Church, was constructed in 1774, and the Bettyhill Hotel first opened its doors in 1819. Buildings such as these stand as architectural memorials of the time.

Visitors to Bettyhill will be able to enjoy freshly baked cakes and scones, while browsing through handcrafted items at Elizabeth’s Café and Crafts. The Store in Bettyhill sells everything from milk, bread, meat, vegetables and groceries, to magazines, fishing tackle, newspapers and post cards. Here, visitors can also top up their gas, rent a video, get fishing permits and find hardware items. And it might be a remotely located village, but Bettyhill has a post office, gym, public swimming pool, schools and doctors.

Bettyhill is a wonderful destination in Scotland that has grown into a self-sufficient community with many natural features to share with tourists. The wildlife and rugged landscapes captivate all that come here, as pristine beauty such as that found at Bettyhill is a rare find.


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