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Marvelous Music at Fiddle 2007

The annual Scots Fiddle Festival, or Fiddle 2007, will be held between the 16th and the 18th of November 2007. It is one of the events in Scotland that is looked forward to with great anticipation and excitement. In the Assembly Room in the city of Edinburgh, the biggest traditional music festival in Scotland will come to life in the form of breathtaking performances, dancing and the jubilant atmosphere that the Scots Fiddle Festival creates.

This wonderful collaboration of musicians and artists, started in 1996, and its popularity and attendance numbers have grown with each of the music festivals held, leading organizers to believe that this year a minimum of three thousand audience members will be attending. Volunteers of the Scots Fiddle Festival Ltd organization oversee all the events at the festival. It is a non-profit organization that depends on sponsors and donations to bring this festival in Edinburgh to life. Through the organization and support of the festival, the Scots Fiddle Festival ensures a future for this age-old tradition and exposure for the fiddlers that participate.

The program of the festival, workshops and talks attracts listeners and fans, but also novice and professional fiddlers who come simply to enjoy and learn. Workshops are interactive and educational, and touch on subjects such as bowing, reading music, arranging music and improvisation. To ensure the success of Fiddle 2007, organizers have invited a wide range of performers to entertain the crowds. Audiences can look forward to variety of bands and artists such as Lau, Deoch ‘n’ Dorus, Ryan Young, Border Fiddles, Catriona Macdonald & Annbjørg Lien, The Bella McNabs Dance Band, SWÅP The Du Da tour, Tim O’Leary with Aaron Jones, Heeliegoleerie, Bellevue Rendezvous, Brendan Hendry with Paul McSherry, Tymao, Alasdair White with Ewan MacPherson, Charlie McKerron with Ross Martin, Lauren MacColl with Barry Reid and James Ross, Fribo, Iain King with Stephen Coutts and John Russell and the Whistlebinkies. The Simon Thoumire’s Scots Fiddle Concerto that will also be performing consists of Aidan O’Rourke, Jenna Reid, Gordon Gunn, Mairi Campbell and Patsy Reid.

Between concerts and workshops, guests can grab a bite to eat at the cafes and food stalls that will have refreshments available, or browse the stores that will be selling a variety of festival related items such as books, sheet music, musical instruments and instrument accessories. The Scots Fiddle Festival is a lively event that is enjoyed by young and old, inspires new talent and keeps the art of fiddling alive.


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