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Mackintosh House of the Art Lover

Charles Rennie Mackintosh was one of the most talented and respected architects of Glasgow, Scotland. His designs are still studied and admired today, as he seemed to have a unique vision in each of his creations and a passion for bringing spectacular buildings to life. In 1901, Mackintosh and his wife, Margaret Macdonald, were given the opportunity to design without limits and create a house without predetermined specifications. Margaret, a masterful decorative artist, enjoyed the opportunity to work with her husband and create a house for a German magazine competition, called the House of the Art Lover.

Even though his blueprint was eliminated from the competition due to late entry, their design was still recognized for its potential, quality and superior looks. In the 1980’s a consulting engineer, who does not take no for an answer, started campaigning for the house to be built. The tenacity of Graham Roxburg paid off, and more than a hundred years after the original plans were drawn up the Mackintosh House of the Art Lover started to become a reality. Construction started in 1989, but came to a halt in the nineties. With the assistance of the Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow City Council, construction continued in 1994 until completion. Today, the House of the Art lover stands in Ballahouston Park, waiting to be explored and admired.

The House of the Art Lover has become a popular attraction in Scotland, mainly because of its uniqueness. The Mackintosh Exhibition is a rare opportunity for visitors to view the drawings of each room made by Mackintosh and compare them to the finished product. In addition, there are audio and visual displays that highlight significant features of the house and it’s interior.

There are tours available at the house and the rooms are each unique and extraordinary in their own way. Visitors are recommended to take a slow walk through each of the suites so as not to miss anything. The rooms consist of the Main Hall, the Dining Room, the Music Room, the Oval Room, the Margaret MacDonald Room and the Interpretation Room. From art works to design splendor and from detailed to serious architectural lines, the House of the Art Lover has it all. As an important attraction, the house accommodates visitors who are disabled and invites everyone to relax and enjoy tasty refreshments in the Art Lovers’ Café after marveling at the house. The Art Lovers Shop is a limitless variety of stationary, gifts, books, crafted jewelry and many more fascinating items. A visit to the House of the Art Lover is an unforgettable design adventure and opportunity to explore the realms of architecture.


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