Outstanding Artworks at Bourne Fine Art

The Bourne Fine Art Gallery was established in 1978 and is still located on Dundas Street, in Edinburgh. This exquisite art gallery in Scotland was the innovation of Patrick Bourne and not only does the gallery display an extensive range of paintings that date back to the seventeenth century, but has a large collection of sculptures and specializes in the restoration and framing of all works of art. The Bourne Fine Art gallery will be able to assist visitors with oil paintings, hand made frames, mountings, drawings and watercolors. Over and above the unique collection of art that is displayed at the gallery in Dundas Street, it also offers temporary art exhibitions that depict certain events in the history of Scotland or features specific artists.

Amongst the classic art collections, visitors will be able to view many contemporary works of art and contemporary sculptures. Here you will find current and past artists that have achieved fame world wide, and many of the paintings that are exhibited are rare and priceless. Artists such as Haidee Bekker (born 1950), Sam Bough (1822-1878), Cosmo Alexander (1724 – 1772), John Byrne (born 1940), James Cowie (1886 – 1956), John Clerk of Eldin (1728 – 1812), Joseph Henderson (1832 – 1908), John Faed (1826 – 1902), Andrew Geddes (1783 – 1844), George Houston (1869 – 1947), Joan Eardley (1921 – 1963), Dame Laura Knight (1877 – 1970), Alexander Nasmyth (1758 – 1840), Arthur Melville (1855 – 1904), Allan Ramsey (1713 – 1784), Waller Hugh Paton (1828 – 1895), Mabel Royds (1874 – 1941), William Strang (1859 – 1921), Sir David Wilkie (1785 – 1841) and many more, have left their legacy on canvas and various forms of art.

One of the most interesting exhibits that have been featured at the Bourne Fine Art Gallery is the Glasgow Boys exhibit. This exhibit has its roots in the 1880’s, with the discovery of the ‘Le Rentree de Chevres’ painting, which was created by Sir John Lavery. The Glasgow Boys were made up artists Sir John Lavery, Arthur Melville, EA Hornel, EA Walton, James Paterson, Stuart Park, Sir James Guthrie and George Henry. Their international success has made these artists and especially their work, highly sought after, as they rose from a time when culture in Britain and other countries, were not very developed. The surfacing of the ‘Le Rentree de Chevres’ was extremely exciting, as the painting was last viewed in 1885, and had made its way from Paris Salon to Norway. This amazing art gallery in Scotland is definitely worth the visit.


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